This blog is just about my life and mostly revolves around my son, Jamie. This blog is a combination of everything, whether it may be a new recipe I tried, a good freebie I found, something funny Jamie said, or feelings I'm having about life in general. There's little rhyme or reason. I'll never win any blogging awards, but I enjoy writing about our lives and I mostly do it for my son. It's so easy to forget moments over the years. I've got all these little tidbits of our life in print and I hope that someday Jamie can enjoy them.

I called this blog Mother of Life, Mother of Loss because of my issues with pregnancy loss and the joy of finally bringing this wonderful person into the world. Truly, I feel the pains of loss, but you won't see too much of that here. I am blessed and I am, above all else, a mother of life.

After all the years of infertility and loss, Matthew and I were blessed with a surprise pregnancy. We were pregnant with twins, but unfortunately, Baby A could not stay with us. Baby B grew into a healthy and happy baby girl that we named Bella Marie. We are so blessed to have two beautiful children.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Online Caution

You know what I really hate? I really hate that I can no longer share whatever I want online. I learned my lesson the hard way. Even so, I have things I want to say and want to share, but you just don't know how people online are going to take the things you say and what they will do with that information.

For so many years I took for granted the ability to share my thoughts and feelings freely among people I thought were friends online. We warn our kids to be careful about sharing their information online, but here I am an adult and I broke the cardinal rule myself. In a world where people are often connecting online and then meeting in real life, whether it be dating or friendship, it's so easy to forget the dangers. The people you think are friends may not be the people you think you know. You assume you know them and that they know you. If you are lucky, you will never find out any different. I was not so lucky. I am fortunate that the damage was mostly emotional, though much greater damage was attempted.

Please be cautious when sharing of yourself online. It is not the safe world it may appear to be.

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