This blog is just about my life and mostly revolves around my son, Jamie. This blog is a combination of everything, whether it may be a new recipe I tried, a good freebie I found, something funny Jamie said, or feelings I'm having about life in general. There's little rhyme or reason. I'll never win any blogging awards, but I enjoy writing about our lives and I mostly do it for my son. It's so easy to forget moments over the years. I've got all these little tidbits of our life in print and I hope that someday Jamie can enjoy them.

I called this blog Mother of Life, Mother of Loss because of my issues with pregnancy loss and the joy of finally bringing this wonderful person into the world. Truly, I feel the pains of loss, but you won't see too much of that here. I am blessed and I am, above all else, a mother of life.

After all the years of infertility and loss, Matthew and I were blessed with a surprise pregnancy. We were pregnant with twins, but unfortunately, Baby A could not stay with us. Baby B grew into a healthy and happy baby girl that we named Bella Marie. We are so blessed to have two beautiful children.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Just finished watching Up with Jamie and Dynisha. I got a little misty eyed a few times. The beginning was boring to Jamie, but touching to me. Once the balloons were inflated Jamie was completely captivated and I had a difficult time making him go to the bathroom because he didn't want to stop watching it even for a moment. I think this is one of the best kids movies that has come out in a long time. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Pulling Thanksgiving together when you are on bed rest is a little bit of a challenge. I must admit I wasn't in bed as much as I should have been. Even so we ended up with our family over without the floors mopped or Jamie dressed up and bathed.
I always enjoy the holidays, but it seems that everyone else is always so unhappy. Usually we have Thanksgiving dinner at my husbands family's home. I decided that this year I wasn't going to do that. I'm tired of listening to everyone complain, complain, complain about the stress and the mess. I absolutely love cooking and having guests. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it out of some sense of obligation in the name of the holiday. Having Thanksgiving on my own terms this year made for a much better holiday, though I was a little stressed because there was so much I was not allowed to do.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

4D Ultrasounds

I can't believe we will be 30 weeks tomorrow! We got our first real peak at her little face today. Isn't she beautiful? The tech took a long video where we saw her move and she appears to yawn really big. Her little fingers fluttered about her face and she looks like she tried to put her little foot in her mouth. Unfortunately, when we got home we discovered that the video did not record. I could have cried. Still, I have these beautiful pictures.
The bad news is that my fluid is a little low. My doctor has put me on bed rest. On the bright side I will get weekly ultrasounds! I've always said that is the plus side to having pregnancy complications.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Anniversary

I'm 27 weeks 6 days and today is my 9th anniversary. We have sure been through our ups and downs over the last 9 years but what a fabulous life we have together. We have a beautiful little boy who brings us lots of joy. We're expecting a beautiful little girl even though we thought we could not have another child. We truly have cause to celebrate.
I had an OB appointment in the afternoon and then we stopped by to visit with my uncle. He gave us money to go out to eat. We went to Red Lobster with Jamie. I had crab alfredo, which is my favorite, but terrible for my blood sugar! Jamie ate about half a dozen cheese biscuits and a little salad. That's about it.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some Artwork and Writing


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jamie's First Kindergarten Project

Jamie doesn't get homework so I was surprised and delighted when he came home with a project for us to do together. He had to take a picture of a Turkey and glue it to orange construction paper and disguise it so that it would not be eatedn for Thanksgiving. I believe that nobody in their right minds would eat this monster turkey!