This blog is just about my life and mostly revolves around my son, Jamie. This blog is a combination of everything, whether it may be a new recipe I tried, a good freebie I found, something funny Jamie said, or feelings I'm having about life in general. There's little rhyme or reason. I'll never win any blogging awards, but I enjoy writing about our lives and I mostly do it for my son. It's so easy to forget moments over the years. I've got all these little tidbits of our life in print and I hope that someday Jamie can enjoy them.

I called this blog Mother of Life, Mother of Loss because of my issues with pregnancy loss and the joy of finally bringing this wonderful person into the world. Truly, I feel the pains of loss, but you won't see too much of that here. I am blessed and I am, above all else, a mother of life.

After all the years of infertility and loss, Matthew and I were blessed with a surprise pregnancy. We were pregnant with twins, but unfortunately, Baby A could not stay with us. Baby B grew into a healthy and happy baby girl that we named Bella Marie. We are so blessed to have two beautiful children.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Birthday

I had a good birthday dinner. My mother-in-law fixed turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. She bought me a beautiful cake with red icing and black flowers. I had never seen one with those colors and I think it was pretty fabulous. They put a "9" candle on it because that was the only candle they had. What's funny about that is that earlier in the day, when we were alone, I asked Jamie how old he thought Mommy was today and he said, "Nine."

I got a new electric razor. I'm generally too lazy to shave my own legs and my husband does it for me. Yeah, I'm spoiled like that. :) I love the Lady Remington wet/dry shaver and the screen broke on my old one so I got a new one for my birthday.

I got a cute little card from my baby boy and a pencil holder. Too precious.

I got some pictures of Jamie with Pap. He got to come home yesterday. They have called Hospice in and he will not be returning to the hospital. He was lucid and even played with Jamie a little. Jamie is a little afraid of him, so we were lucky to get them sitting together and a couple of pictures with all the kids.

Just for the record. I payed attention to the story he was telling tonight. He talked at length about how he dropped out of school and wish he hadn't because it held him up a little bit in his career as a builder, but that he was exceptionally good at math and that was the only reason he was able to be so successful. Jamie already shows such an interest in numbers and Matthew is extremely good at math. Perhaps it is hereditary.


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