This blog is just about my life and mostly revolves around my son, Jamie. This blog is a combination of everything, whether it may be a new recipe I tried, a good freebie I found, something funny Jamie said, or feelings I'm having about life in general. There's little rhyme or reason. I'll never win any blogging awards, but I enjoy writing about our lives and I mostly do it for my son. It's so easy to forget moments over the years. I've got all these little tidbits of our life in print and I hope that someday Jamie can enjoy them.

I called this blog Mother of Life, Mother of Loss because of my issues with pregnancy loss and the joy of finally bringing this wonderful person into the world. Truly, I feel the pains of loss, but you won't see too much of that here. I am blessed and I am, above all else, a mother of life.

After all the years of infertility and loss, Matthew and I were blessed with a surprise pregnancy. We were pregnant with twins, but unfortunately, Baby A could not stay with us. Baby B grew into a healthy and happy baby girl that we named Bella Marie. We are so blessed to have two beautiful children.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Testing Daddy?

I've been a bit ill the last few days and have spent much time in bed. Matthew took Saturday off to help me out. Since I was in bed most of the time he took care of Jamie. Jamie's behavior was definitely worse than when I am in charge. I'm not sure why. Though he's been extremely proud of not wetting his pants (he even stayed dry during the night Friday and woke up boasting about it Saturday morning), he wet his pants five or six times today. He wet his pants a couple of times yesterday, too. He whined and fussed. He hit Daddy with his Eeyore after repeatedly being told not to. He was defiant. Why in the world would he display so much bad behavior to his father? Perhaps it's about attention. My main theory is that since he doesn't have much time with his father that he is acting out with him for more attention. I know I've read that children will seek attention, positive or negative. He's a good boy at school and at other people's houses. Perhaps he also is unsure of his father's limits. Since he is with me all the time he is pretty well aware of how far he can go with me. Maybe he's testing to see how far he can go with his Daddy.

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